Body Frock – the story so far…



Body Frock – “the brand that makes the best of you” by Melanie Davis.
Melanie has created a unique concept that is a perfect answer for either desk to dinner or party. “The dress with the inner secret”is a unique collection of contemporary dresses, and must have pieces of the season. Worn by numerous celebs and now no need to endlessly search for the suitable underwear!


The first collection was launched in AW12 and the brand has expanded significantly each season.


The idea for Body Frock came from Melanie’s extensive experience in the industry, and from having spent years in shops and fitting rooms and hearing the phrase ‘you look amazing in that dress – you just need the right underwear’ – and, of course, the ‘right’ underwear never existed!


Our belief is that now it does – with Body Frock every customer has a complete outfit that sculpts and refines the silhouette.


Body Frock is known as the ‘dress with an inner secret’.


Each dress has its own sculpting slip that is contoured to each individual dress design and is amazingly comfortable and easy to wear.


The high % of Lycra gives the slip a bi- stretch movement resulting in a garment that can be worn all day and from desk to dinner. As a result, it is very different from other control lingerie and clothing, which tends to be very restricting and uncomfortable.


Each slip is dyed to complement the colour of the dress.


Body Frock is designed in London and manufactured in Portugal. The factories manufacture to the highest quality and offer incredible attention to detail, ensuring exceptional value for money and consistency of fit.


The Body Frock range is predominately dresses complemented by a small collection of separates.


Our customers love Body Frock for every part of their lives but especially for:

  • Desk to dinner dressing, which caters for the busy career women with a demanding lifestyle and engagements straight from work – some for business and some for pleasure. She wants to have an effortless solution to looking her best and feeling super confident in what she is wearing.
  • Event dressing, which may be wedding, theatre, party, dinner – in fact any sort of special occasion. Here you want to look your best and doesn’t want to be wearing a style that is widely available elsewhere and so appreciate the Body Frock exclusivity.


Body Frock is both ageless and timeless. It provides a wardrobe solution for desk to dinner and for event dressing, whatever your age; and each wearer makes a Body Frock dress their own in the way in which they choose to style and accessorize it.


As a relatively new and small brand, Body Frock receives a significant amount of positive PR and celebrity endorsement. Numerous celebrities and other public figures cite Body Frock as their dress of choice and one they enjoy wearing.